Guilt Pleasure



G|P @ C86We will be at Tokyo Big Site on 16 Aug.
2日目 東地区 シ - 72 a



TogaQ and KichikuNeko Present

New York MinuteGuiltPleasure was founded in 2010 as a collaboration between an artist and a writer, with a desire to introduce a bold new form of art and storytelling to fans of the Yaoi/BL doujinshi, manga and novel publishing world. Since then, GuiltPleasure has grown from a US-based doujin effort into an international, multi-language publishing group of dedicated individuals with a common mission to deliver a high standard of homoerotic entertainment. Not your everyday BL, GuiltPleasure explores darker themes and unconventional plotlines, testing the boundaries of the human psyche. Never predictable, our works promise a journey into the uncharted, often feared depths of the sensual mind. Join us...