Freetalk: Eyes of the Beholder

Jo, aka TogaQ, hadn’t been the first artist I’ve worked with but she had been the most interesting. I can’t say what it is that exactly makes an artist, an artist. Except that all of them have their unique habits that made them what they are. Joint creative ventures comes with a trip to the abyss of their souls that can be partially comedic, marginally frightening, but mostly mysterious. Mysterious in more of the colorfully wrapped boxes under a tree way than being an unwilling passenger in a 70s bus-van with a persistently hungry dog and four annoying people who likes to solve non-crimes at night.

Although Jo and I had known each other for years, it was in the last year that I started to work with her. I provided the prose and she provided the porn. An easy marriage. And with any partnership, there will always be differences. So far, nothing devastating except occasional “You can’t do that!” (See ITW2, Freetalk) or “Really? I’ve never met anyone who does that.”

Although the ‘shoe’ incident was displayed prominently in ITW2, we had clashed on another minor issue. One word: Eyelashes. Or lack of.

I didn’t expect Katsuya or Shinohara to have Maybelline-enriched eyes as with the usual standard of many BL manga. I would think Jo would probably commit seppuku with her inking pens in her studio before she’ll draw men with glittering shoujo eyes.

“Just a little hint of it,” I said to her over our usual Skype meeting as I traversed through the inked pages. “Just enough to frame their eyes.”

“They’ll look girly,” came the usual reply over the speaker whenever I presented the complaint.

“But real men do have nice, long eyelashes. Even the manly men and they don’t look girly. It makes their eyes more intense!”

Jo didn’t buy my persuasive argument. “They’ll end up looking like chicks in drags,” she concluded. “But the kind of drags who didn’t wear dresses. I won’t do that too, just so you know.”

“I think the uke should be allowed to have some. Katsuya’s the high maintenance, expensive kind of guy who would care about his eyelashes. Have to look good for his semes.”

“Your ukes’ not allowed to have a bigger penis than the semes nor are they allowed to go to the bathroom. That’s not what happens to real men.”

“That’s different,” I said. “That’s just universal BL law. They have no need for a bigger penis or have toilet functions.”

She scuffed although she had conceded to the ‘laws’. In a CTBK 4P scene, I thought Kagura’s wee was too big and she did reshape the tool to placate me. However, there were no give in my whining over the lack of eyelashes. It was temporarily forgotten when the shoes appeared in the house.

Jo, being the lovely softy she is sometimes, did throw me a bone. Exactly one frame of Katsuya’s eyes in ITW2, on the last page.

“OK. I gave you one. Stop asking for the eyelashes or I’ll have Katsuya whip out a big cock when he goes to the toilet.”

SD Re-enactment provided by 501

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