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Jo Chen a.k.a. 咎Q: TogaQ (トガイ ジュン)


Jo Chen | TogaQ

Horoscope: Cancer

Favorite Places: Nara and Kyoto, Japan

Hobbies: Drawing; Sleep; Watching Movies

Pet: None. But have 2 kids who are like feral cats.

Email: TogaQ@ (remove the space after @); Plurk: 


鬼畜猫: Kichiku Neko (ナルキッソス)

Kichiku Neko | Narcissus

Horoscope: Scorpio

Favorite Places: Rome, Italy; Normandy, France.

Favorite Movies: Tampopo and Shall We Dance? (Japanese Ver)

Hobbies: Travel. Sleeping. Eating.

Secret Lust: Men in sharp, expensive suits or uniforms

Email: kichiku_neko@ (remove the space after @) ; LiveJournal: ;


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